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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your marketing and P-R services cost?

Our news releases cost $249 each. This includes copywriting a 500 word release and two drafts. You own all materials we create. Since press kits and other P-R services vary in their scope and thus their cost, we provide a free estimate for these services once we identify your exact needs. Companies with specific projects who want current pricing information should e-mail us at: info@outdoormarketing.com, or call 360-798-1494.

How do your costs compare to a typical P-R or advertising agency?

Generally, our costs are less than half of a typical advertising agency. Plus, our efficiencies are much higher. We can assist you with your project, completing it in less time, at less expense than a typical agency. Due to our network of affiliates, we are not limited in manpower or expertise like most agencies who use only their own in-house staff for projects.

What is included in your press release service?

We produce a news release for any product, program, or news event you want to feature. Our service includes writing copy of up to 500 words and formatting the release for proper journalistic style, and to your target audience. We provide an original draft and up to two revisions. You own the completed release. Your information is kept fully confidential. The cost per release is $249, payable in advance by credit card. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, however, we issue no refunds.

How long does it take to get a press release(s) or a press kit?

Generally, from the time we receive full information for your news release, you can expect to have a completed draft in two working days. Revisions can add another day depending on your turn around time. For multiple releases, slightly more time is needed, however, we work with you to assure any deadline is met and that all news releases are completed on time.

What is included in a typical press kit?

Press kits vary in their size and contents. Generally, we draft a cover letter to the press audience, prepare as many releases as needed to tell your story or feature your products. We include support materials such as brochures, flyers, data sheets, media support programs, company literature, catalogs, technical information, and other materials that give your product or service additional value. You can provide these or we design and prepare them for you. We package our media kits many different ways, usually in attention-getting press folders for maximum impact. We also offer distribution services and hands-on opportunity for press to try your product.

We have no P-R program. What should we do?

We provide temporary, part-time, or fulltime services. We consult with your top management to get you on your feet, or assist you if one of your key employees suddenly leaves your employ. Our support programs are custom tailored to your exact needs.

How do I learn more about your services?

Please review the various pages of this website to acquaint yourself with our programs. Then give us a call at 360-798-1494. One of our marketing specialists will develop a marketing and P-R support program that meets your specific needs.

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