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News Releases & Press Kits

Need a news release or press kit? Save time and money and let your products and programs shine above the competition.

If your company is uncertain how to write a news release or prepare a press kit, or if you simply don't have the time, let our professional writers prepare these important materials for you. The outdoor recreation media are selective about which news releases they publish. Professionally written news releases greatly increase the likelihood that your product or program information will be featured by the media. Our experienced writers tailor your release to the target audience. Our procedure is quick, easy, and requires little time on your part.

News Releases - Only $249

To obtain a fast, professional news release, merely print and fill out our News Release Information Form and fax it to us with credit card payment. The cost includes a news release of up to 500 words and two rounds of copy revisions. After you are satisfied with your releases, the releases are yours to keep. You may also choose to have us take appropriate photos, or distribute your news release to key media outlets. We can also post the release to your web site. Additional fees apply for these additional support services. Contact us today about photography and distribution services.

Press Kits

If you want an attention-getting press kit complete with multiple news releases, photos, art, brochures, and other support materials give us a call. We'll provide a custom quote to meet your exact needs. You send us basic information about your products and programs, and we take it from there. Our expert writers craft the releases based on the materials you provide. We assure your releases are stylistically and journalistically correct and that they reflect your company's image.

Web News Room

To get your latest news information to the public, many companies have us design an official News Room as part of their website. This enhances your web marketing program, and provides fresh information so website visitors are kept abreast of current happenings. This also keeps them returning to your site for fresh content.

Example News Release Topics:

  1. Website launch or enhancement
  2. New product or service announcement
  3. New customer or customer service awards
  4. New promotional campaign
  5. Corporate and employee news
  6. Mergers & acquisitions

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