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Press Meetings, Conferences, & Workshops

Press Meetings

The best way to assure that your noteworthy product, program, or service gets the attention it deserves is to put it directly into the hands of top press across the country.

We make this easy by meeting directly with press at numerous press events, gatherings, and press organization meetings each year. Our publicity specialists will represent your product, program, or service at these events.

Example events attended include: annual meeting of Outdoor Writers of America, Southeast Outdoor Press Association, Northwest Outdoor Writers, Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Markets, Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, American Sportfishing Association annual show, Archery Manufacturers Organization show, plus numerous others.

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Press Conferences

If you really want to make a big splash we will help you plan a national, regional, or local press conference that exhibits your product, program, or service. We meet with you to determine the exact press coverage desired, handle announcements, invites, audio-visual needs, meeting accommodations and assist with planning activities and the agenda to assure a productive event. We set up press conferences as stand alone events or in conjunction with trade, consumer, or group meetings.

Contact us today for a custom program that meets your publicity needs.

Press Workshops

If you're looking to get a decided edge on your competition or to really give a new product introduction some sizzle, we set up special, highly targeted press familiarization workshops that provide working press with in depth knowledge of your product, program, or service. These special events consist of specially invited national or regional press who give you hundreds of thousands of dollars of publicity.

Contact us today for a custom program that meets your publicity needs.

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