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Databases & Web Fulfillment

Database Management

Database management is a large part of growing your business, and the web has really increased this opportunity. Many web sites collect information on potential customers but busy staff often don't have the time to do anything with the information.

We help build or maintain your customer, dealer, client, or salesman databases and send electronic mailings to your list.

Web Fulfillment, Dealer, & Customer Service Programs

Do you have a web site with e-mail or a database, or do you collect names for an electronic newsletter? If so, it's common not to have enough staff to manage theses programs effectively. As more and more people use the web, it's easy to get bogged down in web fulfillment.

Outdoor Management Network offers web response and fulfillment programs to lighten burdens on your staff. We handle your e-mail fulfillment, collect your e-mail messages, answer them, send catalogs and other literature, and forward e-mail to the appropriate persons in your company. We save you thousands of dollars and assure that your customer service is handled efficiently and confidentially.

Contact Outdoor Management Network today to develop or enhance your company's image, magnify your sales and marketing programs, and position your organization as a marketing leader.

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