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Why Use Us?

Why do organizations use Outdoor Management Network for their web design and marketing support? They find that OMNI's award-winning technology lets them easily and cost effectively utilize the technology of today's web environment for maximum impact.

They also realize that their web image is often the only image a person will see. Your image is worth using someone intimately familiar with the outdoor recreation industry. It's worth having someone that will stand by your side, work diligently with you to assure your web image represents exactly who you are.

If you want to make an impact with your web site, this is our specialty. When you need to communicate a message to a large audience, we do it professionally. If you have tons of info, we organize it. Large databases? They're no sweat. Need weekly site updates? They're a cinch. Need an interactive bulletin board, Q&A section, Calendar, News, or Events? We create and manage these as well. We even set up site areas where you or your staff can enter materials to your website without any web expertise. We offer design technology and have more than 15 years experience in outdoor recreation and corporate communications.

OMNI Support Services

Outdoor Management Network Inc. provides unlimited web support plus full service marketing support. We have experienced copy writers, photographers, and web fulfillment persons to provide total program support for any organization's marketing need. We maintain digital animations and we have a library of more than 20,000 outdoor recreation photos. As the Internet expands at monumental rates, it is important that design firms have solid working relationships with Internet and web support firms. OMNI works with top Internet support companies.

Web Hosting Services

If you want us to host your site, OMNI uses top quality host providers for our web hosting needs. They provide an endless array of support services, including a guarantee that your site is live round the clock. Plus, you receive the very best cost for service ratio.

Contact Outdoor Management Network today to develop or enhance your company's image, magnify your sales and marketing programs, and position your organization as a marketing leader.

Software Support

OMNI utilizes software that lets your website become fully interactive. We create “gated” areas, password protected, which allow your staff to easily enter late-breaking news and events, access databases, and other functions, or we will make these additions for you. OMNI provides an integrated web program, receiving the latest web technology developed by Microsoft, Netscape, Web2010, Corel, Adobe (Adobe Acrobat reader), and others, and we have full audio and video technology capabilities through companies such as RealMedia.

Why Use Us?
    ...Benefit From Our Experience!

  • Experienced graphic designers create the exact look you want
  • Fully digital capabilities allow us to effectively design your catalog, brochure, press releases, consumer ads, and promotional materials for maximum-impact Web viewing
  • Web marketing and related public relations services
  • State-of-the-art E-Commerce Web sites
  • Our Microsoft Site Developer technology assures top performance
  • Web maintenance programs, daily, weekly or monthly Web site updates
  • Interactive designs - audio, video, Java, Active-X animations
  • We enhance your image using all media formats Site modernization programs keep you in the forefront
  • Fast downloading: all site pages are optimized to download fast

Contact Outdoor Management Network today to develop or enhance your company's image, magnify your sales and marketing programs, and position your organization as a marketing leader.

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